The most strong and popular web design trend over last couple of years is a sliding horizontal panels also known as Sliders or Carousels. It's a very effective method to increase the web site usability and engage the user.

jQuery Slider is a jQuery Slider with stunning visual effects and tons of professionally made templates. jQuery Slider is packed with a point-and-click wizard to create fantastic sliders in a matter of seconds without coding and image editing.

Quick help

Part 1 - Adding folders with images or images to your image slider

From the Images menu, select Add images.... Browse to the location of the folder you'd like to add and select the images. You can also use Add images from folder..., Add images from Flickr... and Add images from Photobucket ... to jquery slider ie8 options.

Add Images To jQuery Slider : Free Image Slider Maker

jQuery Slider will now include these pictures. Or you can drag the images (folder) to the jquery slider ie8 jQuery Slider window. The image is copied to your pictures folder and automatically added to your website slider.

If you have included the images that you do not wish to be in the jquery slider, you can easily remove them. Select all images that you wish to remove from jquery slider ie8 slider, and select Delete images.. from the Images menu. You can pick and choose pictures by holding the CTRL while clicking the pictures you like.

Add Images To jQuery Slider : Free Photo Slider Maker

Part 2 - Adding caption

When you select an image you'll see the various information about it, such as:

Image info : Free jQuery Slider

  • Title - When you add images its name will appear in headline automatically.
  • Description - you can enter any comment or text about the image in the image slider.
  • Url - you can add link for each image in the web slider.

Part 3 - Editing capabilities

In this photo slider maker you can easily rotate your pictures using "Rotate Left" and "Rotate Right" buttons.

Rotate picture : Free jQuery Slider Maker

Double click the picture to open it in your default graph editor. You can adjust the color of pictures, as well as fix red-eye and crop out unwanted parts of an image.

Part 4 - Slider properties.

From the Slider menu, select Properties or use "Properties" button on the launch jquery slider without click toolbar

Properties button : jQuery Slider Maker

On the first tab of the Slider Properties window you can change the name of your photo jquery slider imagenes en una bd slider and enable/disable the following properties: Slider title, Auto play Slide Show, Show descriptions, Show Prev/Next buttons and Show bullet navigation

First tab : jQuery Slider

On the second tab of the Slider Properties window you can select the templates, the size and quality of your pictures, select transition effect, delay between slides, effect duration and change the watermark.

Templates window : jQuery Slider Maker

You can establish the various sizes for exported images.

Export image size : jQuery Slider

Control the quality of output PNG and JPEG format image by defining output "Image quality" parameters (0%…100%).

Image quality : jQuery Slider

The following transition effects are available:

Blinds effect                       Basic effect                     Squares effect                Fade effect

Blinds effect       Basic effect       Squares effect      Fade effect

Part 5 - Publishing of the jQuery Slider.

When you are ready to publish your slider horizontal carousel jquery slider online or to a local drive for testing you should go to "Gallery/Publish". Select the publishing method: publish to folder, publish to FTP server or paste jQuery Slider into existing html page using insert to page option.

Publish to FTP : Image jQuery Slider

  • publish to folder. To select a local location on your hard drive, just click the Browse folders button and choose a location. Then click Ok. You can also set "Open web page after publishing" option.
  • publish to FTP server. The FTP Location Manager window enables you to define a number of connections for use when uploading your jquery slider ie8 image slider to an FTP.

You are able to add a new FTP site by clicking "Edit" to the right of the "Publish to FTP server" drop down list. FTP Location Manager window will appear. Now type in a meaningful (this is not the actual hostname) name for your site and fill in the FTP details in the appropriate fields. You will have to type in your hostname, e.g. domain. The FTP port is normally located on port 21 thus this has been prefilled for you already. If your web site uses another port, you will have to enter it here.

Type in your username and password for the connection. If you do not fill in this information, jQuery Slider is unable to connect to your thick slider jquery site and thus not able to upload your photo slider to slider effekte jquery website. If this site enables anonymous connections, just type in anonymous as the username and your e-mail address as the password.

You might want to change the Directory as well if you need to have your uploaded images placed in e.g. "www/gallery/". You can specify it in the FTP Folder field on the Publish window.

Notice: Write the name of the folder where your photo slider will be placed on the server. Notice that you should specify this field; otherwise your contact for m in slider jquery slider will be uploaded into the root folder of your server!

  • insert to page. To select a html page, just click the Open HTML page button and choose page where you want to install web site slider jquery menu vertical album. Then click Open.

Insert to page : Image jQuery Slider
Insert page : Image jQuery Slider

Click inside the page to select where you want you slider to appear. Click 'Insert Before' button and 'Publish button'. Notice that it is not posible to insert more than one slider on the same page.

Insert page 2 : Image jQuery Slider

Notice: It's impossible to insert more than one sliders into the same page!

Part 6 - Save your photo slider as project file.

When you exit jQuery Slider, you'll be asked if you want to save your project. The project consists of the pictures you choose to put on your image slider and all your settings. It's a good idea to save the project, because that will allow you to change the project in case you decide to do something different with future sliders. So click Yes, then enter a name for your project. To select the location of your project, just click the Browse folders button and choose a different location. Then click Save.

Part 7 - Add jQuery Slider inside your own page.

jQuery Slider generates a special code. You can paste it in any place on your page where you want to add image slider.

    * Export your photo slider using jQuery Slider in any test folder on a local drive.
    * Open the generated jquery slideres inline text iframe index.html file in any text editor.
    * Copy all code for jQuery Slider from the HEAD and BODY tags and paste it on your page in the HEAD tag and in the place where you want to have a jquery slider jquery file upload slider (inside the BODY tag).

  <!-- Start WOWSlider.com HEAD section -->
  <!-- End WOWSlider.com HEAD section -->
... </head>
  <!-- Start WOWSlider.com BODY section -->
  <!-- End WOWSlider.com BODY section -->

    * You can easily change the style of the templates. Find the generated 'engine/style.css' file and open it in any text editor.

jquerymenu slider conflict Wordpress Jquery Slider Album

Free Download

Download Free Edition for Windows OSDownload Free Edition
for Windows


Download Free Edition for MAC OSDownload Free Edition
for MAC

jQuery Slider is free for non-commercial use. If you want to use jQuery Slider on a school site, your non-commercial blog or non-profit organisation website, just download jQuery Slider and use it jquery slider generator for free.

A license fee is required for business use. jQuery Slider Business Edition additionally provides an option to remove the jQuery Slider.com credit line as well as a feature to put your own logo to images. After you complete the payment via the secure form, you will receive a license key instantly by email that turns the jQuery Slider Free Edition into a Business one. You can select the most suitable payment method: credit card, bank transfer, check, PayPal etc.


For troubleshooting, feature requests and general help contact Customer Support at . Make sure to include details on your browser, operating system, jQuery Slider version and a link (or relevant code). jquery google slider

Slider Features

Slider Wizard Features

Contact us

  • For troubleshooting, feature requests and general help contact Customer Support at . Make sure to include details on your browser, operating system, jQuery Slider version and a link (or relevant code). slider jquery iframe example


  •     * Just a quick thank you for the software though, It's not often you get a free software version of this quality and style! Well done and please continue this amazing gallery. Hope to see more advances.

        * This looks like EXACTLY what I need for my site. It would make my job much faster! Love your program. Thank you!!

        * First of all, your product is fantasitc. I looked at the others and your code generator app was insanely easy to use.

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jQuery Lite Content Slider Plugin - Aakash Web

Jquery lite content slider is animation a transition really a customizability light weight content slider with the ability to slider slide and any content with delay high customizability

Easy Slider 1.5 - The Easiest jQuery Plugin For Sliding

Click here for the new version of this plugin Version 1.5 of jquery my Easy Slider plugin for blank slides jQuery is nextid here. This is great work one of auto the my rare scr

Monospace Premium HTML/CSS/jQuery Theme Released

This theme has all the popular and xhtml common features which used by the common features current trend sites and rss feeds more over this site has a extensive features and functionality user friendly and easy loading, less weight hand coded and custom icons full functionality. Works in all the major

MopSlider jQuery Plugin | W3Avenue

MopSlider is hiroki a frameworks jQuery plugin that allows you to image slider create slider, which can contain any type of items. All you need to do is specify its height and width of configuration options the download container. MopSlider is a cross browser plugin that has been tested with Safari4, Firefox3, Opera9, IE6, IE7, IE8 and Google Chrome

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Freelancer XHTML+CSS+jQUERY+AJAX front-end developer CSS. 2.1, Cross Browser Compatible. IE6, IE7, IE8, FF 2.0, FF 3.0+, Opera 9+, Chrome 2+, Safari 3+, jQuery. Tooltip, Slider, carousel, Font replacement. sIFR, Preview. View online version

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CodeCanyon files tagged with adobe systems incorporated jquery slider in chrome JavaScript \ Sliders Compatible Browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, FireFox 2, FireFox 3, Firefox 3.5, Firefox

Generate a jQuery UI Slider using Data from a Select Element

Generate a ajax jQuery UI Slider using Data from a visual users Select Element jQuery UI selectToUISlider Plugin uses progressive enhancement to jquery replace an already-functional HTML select element with progressive enhancement a tabindex JQuery UI Slider

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ThemeForest files tagged with adobe systems incorporated jquery slider

nivoslider ie8 jquery bug, cannot find it - Stack Overflow

I have got a little problem in IE8 with img the nivoslider script and kohana i cant figure out what Besides orm that slider it states a JS error on line 155 in got a little problem the jquery js script

Use the jQuery UI to Control the Size of Your Text | Nettuts+

JQuery's UI can add so much to a tuts web page. There are many different widgets that auto the UI provides. One up and coming star, is tutorial the math slider. In connor this tutorial, I

Nice & Clean Sliding Login Panel built with jQuery " Web-kreation

I didn't test it tisseau in toggle button IE8 yet jquery. Let me know if it does. Please note the Login and Register forms in this demo will not work "out of toggle under the login link, if you click there, the text+button swap, but the tutorial slider stays in the same position

Installing Jquery Content Slider | jQuery Slider

Installing Jquery Content Slider. The easy slider innovative AJAX-powered engine is slider run the thumbnails key feature that image gallery makes web poto galleries look and slider perform great! Slider Form In Jquery

Slider Gallery | jQuery for Designers - Tutorials and screencasts

jQuery already has the plugins to create these effects so we don't have to go about Explorer 8 which doesn't like the display: inline on gallery effect the overflow slider li element, I was ul class using a lot of images in the slider and pb it kept crashing in padding IE 8. Change the it to display: inline-block; and it works fine

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Free jQuery plugins, scripts, tutorials, tips and scripts tricks April 11, 2011, Under: jQuery. Dynamic News – a jquery jQuery RSS News Slider plugin, that skitter makes RSS news integration to your website very easy. All the slideshow features of carousels Dynamic News slider plugin are configurable

slider | jQuery Plugins

Awkward Showcase is a customizable plugin for the image slideshow JavaScript Framework jQuery. We call it qbox a Content Slider. But it can do more then ui just slide the tooltips content. For example you can add tooltips, enable thumbnails, activate dynamic height and lots more. Since

jQuery UI Development & Planning Wiki / Slider

There is an existing jQuery UI slider but aria it only supports horizontal sliders. An "aria-label" attribtue on increment the handle (not supported by IE8). An "aria-labelledby" attribute on the span handle, referencing the keyboard ID of an element containing the value option label text. A separate

Rotating Image Slider with jQuery | Codrops

In the mary lou following tutorial we will create an asymmetrical image slider with a slideshow little twist: when sliding the pictures we will slightly rotate them and delay the rotation sliding of each element. The img unusual shape of the slider is created by image slider some elements

Create Featured Content Slider Using jQuery UI

Using an auto-playing content slider is the one of navigation tabs techniques to fragment show your featured content. It saves you space and the slider makes for a better user experience, and if you add a jquery pinch of eye candy to it, then ui library there's no looking back. Here's how to create

LxC BLOG | JQuery Horizontal Slider Sliding doors, tabs

I saw a wordpress similar Horizontal slider sliding Accordion Flash effect on a website and I decided to code design create something with internet web source JQuery. It elm could be used as a program internet banner or information

How to add a jquery image slider to your blogger powered blog

In this tutorial you will learn how to server add a simple jquery image slider to opacity your blogger powered blog note this will not work for those who have i have tested the test demo on blogger templates my vista machine using IE8 and it works fine maybe you have made a tinypic mistake